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What Women Look for in Men

There are qualities in men women are looking for the most, among other qualities. The best thing about human qualities is, if you’re short of one, there’s always time to take it up and improve upon it. I want to clearly state that not all women are the same, therefore they all should not be painted with the same brush.

However, I am comfortable enough to say that there are a few qualities that attract women that have thus far, stood the test of time. Here are six qualities that women look for in a man.

How to Display Confidence in Relationships

Let’s begin with the most widely desired quality, which is confidence. Confidence is an attitude, and it’s a daily choice you can make. A confident man will never be quick to explain himself or his actions unless he determines it necessary.

Confident men rarely give up on what they’re doing, they’re focused and have zero fear in the face of possible failure. Most importantly, confidence is all about perspective, one’s state of mind. Everyone has their own character short comings, the key is to focus on your personal strengths.

Take pride in the things you have a passion for and things you are good at.. Try writing your good qualities down on paper to help visualize all the good you contribute to the world. This will help build your confidence and reaffirm that you believe in yourself. Women flock to men that respect and value themselves. Other ways to build your self-confidence:

  • Make new additions to your wardrobe, dressing in new attire can boost your image and optimism
  • Contribute more to conversations at work, with friends and family. Learn to speak up and include your opinions.
  • Exercise regularly, working out will improve the mind and the body.
  • Try on a new haircut, experiment a little. I am always mentally more optimistic about my life after a new-do.
  • Walk tall, be mindful of your posture. Women are observant and generally will deem slouching as lack of confidence.

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Are Women Attracted to Disrespectful Men?

Do you believe some women are attracted to disrespectful guys?

  • Yes, most bad boys are disrespectful.
  • No, no woman in her right mind would be attracted to that!

Women Like Men that Maintain Composure

Another great trait women look for is composure. Women enjoying being with a man that has his emotions in check. A man that doesn’t blow up every time something unpleasant surfaces. I use to have a friend that would curse every time he had to slow down at a red light.

Suffice it to say, he had his share of women problems. The best opportunities to show a woman that you’re in control of your emotions are when they expect you to be upset. There’s nothing more endearing to a woman than witnessing a man who handles himself with class and composure.

Never argue with a woman, however, do have calm discussions that eloquently sum up your point of view. In this day and age, women desire a partner, not just some hunk of meat to procreate with–they want someone that can speak their mind without losing their temper.

Women like Assertive Men

Be more assertive, practice making decisions. Such as deciding on places to go, movies to watch, and activities you plan on doing with your date. You can still be considerate by asking for her preferences, but if you decide on doing something and she seems more than content with your decision, just go with it.

Do not go back and forth and constantly ask her for her opinion, or if she’s okay. In the long run, she will appreciate a man that can lead and make decisions. Be more unapologetic. Woman hate when men constantly ask if they’re okay, it just annoys them. Once or twice, now and then, in certain situations is fine.

Asking that 2-3 times in a matter of minutes is more than annoying, it reeks of an insecure man seeking approval. Women never stay attracted to men that continually seek their approval. Only apologize when you know for certain you did something genuinely stupid on your part. Here are some basic ways to be more assertive:

  • Slow your speech and speak more clearly. Speaking slower will subtly convey to people that your words are worth waiting for.
  • Speak in a more concise manner, many will lose interest if you are too slow to make your point.
  • If you’re nervous, work on covering up the signs that you’re nervous.
  • Be direct with what you want, people will respect you more in the long run if you’re direct with them.
  • Have your own opinion, and stand by it. When it comes to attraction, women need to be challenged. Women are turned off by men that will just roll over.

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Exude Originality and Creativity

You should always strive to be original to a woman you’re romantically interested in.. When you’re out with a woman, don’t just take her to a dinner and a movie. Take some time and plan a date that will be new and fun to her, find an activity that she doesn’t do often, or has never done before.

There’s something very magnetic about creativity, there’s a reason a painting can be worth millions of dollars, humans thrive on creative trends. Creativity goes hand in hand with individuality, and we all at some point in our lives, want to stand apart from the crowd and make our own infinitely unique mark on the world.

Bring her originality and creativity and it will help hold the door open wider for a romantic attraction to blossom. Remember to take your time, don’t rush mutual attraction, it should fall into your life at its own momentum or volition.

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Women Want Stability and a Sense of Security

There are many qualities in men women find attractive, but stability and security are primitive needs that still burns within women today. Woman want to know that you have a set of goals in your life, that you will at the very least try to make something more of yourself.

Being goal oriented will give you positive momentum in life, and it will do wonders with the ladies. Having and attaining goals shows that you’re a forward thinker, and have pathologically invested in the outcome of your future. No matter how much women might deny it, deep down women want to feel protected.

They adore that feeling of being safe with someone they trust. It’s definitely a huge plus when a woman confesses that she feels safe with you. But be wary when you should intervene on a woman’s behalf. Most women can stand up and speak for themselves and will resent you for trying to help if it was inappropriate to do so.

Men Should be Respectful Towards Women

Nearly all quality women will demand respect over any other courtesy we can possibly show them. It’s not hard, open doors, pull chairs, and be considerate of their needs and feelings. Personally, I love introducing my Mother to women I’m dating, it always gives them a chance to see how I treat my Mother.

Women love men that treat their Mother with the utmost respect. If you’re going to be late, call or text and inform them ahead of time. If she clearly shows respect for your time, then it easily should be reciprocated.

Don’t make decisions for a woman, display thoughtfulness by expressing your interest in their opinion. Women want a give and take partnership, so try and meet them halfway. A woman wants to be with a man that will give her the majority of the umbrella coverage when it’s raining, so don’t be afraid to get wet.

Every Woman is a Mystery to be Solved

Thank you for making it through my article. I wrote it a little hastily, will be updating and adding more to it when I have more time. I want to take this time to reiterate that women are not all alike, not all women are looking for the same things, there’s no one-size-fits-all personality when it comes to attracting women.

You’ll have to experiment and do what’s right for you, and to what ends you’ll go to adopt a new behavior. These qualities are by no means a requisition for any woman to feel attraction for you. However, I believe that responsibly incorporating them into different facets of your life will bring you more success with the ladies.s


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