Revealed!!! 50 Secrets Women don’t want men to know

Today I am sharing 50 secrets most women dont want men to know, I gathered them from all over the internet, Facebook,  Quora and other social networks, to keep the most important onces in one place.

  1. They think about sex (with you!) a lot. Women want sex far more than we’ve been allowed to believe. Sometimes they’re just too shy to share their most erotic thoughts and graphic fantasies with you.
  2. They still check up on their exes. Women regularly check in on what their exes are up to via social networking sites. This doesn’t mean they still love them.
  3. They save mementos from past relationships. Most women are not still crying over that douche bag who cheated … but they are saving that first love letter they received when they were 16 for memories of their younger days.
  4. They occasionally make up excuses to avoid sex. Yes they love you and want to get it on with you, but not every time you are ready to go.
  5. They fake orgasms from time to time. Yes, women do indeed fake orgasms, and have been doing so for quite some time now!
  6. They are nervous about commitment, too. Commitment-phobia is considered more of a male trait; however, most women are also scared of devoting their lives to someone in a committed relationship.
  7. They don’t want to hear about your past relationships
  8. The last thing women want to hear about are intimate details about your exes.
  9. We are not after your looks or money. We can pay our own bills, but enjoy when a guys does it for involuntarily from time to time
  10. We understand when you lie or flirt with other girls. We just don’t say/show it.
  11. We masturbate/fingering and never let our man know about this.
  12. It’s fine if you don’t have solutions for all problems. But at least, you can share those with us. We would like to listen to everything you have on your mind/heart.
  13. We are really going through the worst when we are silent.
  14. Period pains are very painful. Fine, if you don’t want to understand, at least don’t make fun out of it.
  15. Say ‘I love you’ only if you mean it. This can break another person completely when they realize it’s a lie. I agree this is applicable for women too.
  16. Feminism is not to make women strong but to believe and accept that they are already strong.
  17. Don’t compare us with your mother or sister or any other woman. We have our own special qualities and identity.
  18. We admire you when you make decisions on your own.
  19. We love you with a beard.
  20. We also have self-respect the way you do.
  21. We know all men are not same. But it’s difficult to trust again once you have been betrayed.
  22. We are not interested in your biceps or six packs. But we like if you keep yourself healthy and maintained.
  23. We also have ambitions and career aspirations the way you do.
  24. All women are not dumb. Sometimes they just let you enjoy when you try to pull their leg.
  25. We really love when you genuinely care for us.
  26. We are not objects to rate on the basis of complexion, height, weight or figure.
  27. Cooking is not the only skill a woman should have. Women are exploring the space nowadays. Grow up guys!
  28. Just see, once you keep your male ego in check and be our companion for life. We will not put you down! 🙂
  29. Last but not the least, be human than that of a man!
  30. They love it when you take your jacket off and some ab shows
  31. They love confident guys
  32. They really love when guys show weakness
  33. Bad boys with good hair are the actually best thing ever
  34. Girls don’t regularly shave their legs for just guys they shave them to feel soft under the covers at night haha
  35. Making dirty jokes around us isn’t bad believe it or not we’re not that clean
  36. Girls love the small things like being called pretty even by a friend
  37. We want that one cool girl to like us and are always somewhat fighting for approval
  38. Girls go to the bathroom together to gossip, console, and fix themselves up
  39. We talk shit for hours and have mentioned almost everyone in school
  40. There’s a difference between guys who are clingy and somehow make it hot and make you look forward to the next convo or text and then the people who are clingy but make it creepy
  41. We get friendzoned too. And quite often dumped by our partners. Though, we may say that we don’t care, we have already cried ourselves to sleep. Our pillows have seen those tears.
  42. Yes we do fart, pick at our noses and burp when alone. And the farts can get as loud and probably a lot smellier at times. Cause you know , we are humans too. It’s just that we are conditioned to behave more lady like so men feel that these things don’t exist for us, the women.
  43. When we are home alone, we love to pee with the door open. And sing loudly screaming our lungs out in the shower.
  44. Yes, we too love porn . And we have a plethora of fantasies that we really want you to try on/with us.
  45. Sometimes, we do play hard to get. We just want you to chase harder and prove your mettle. And we get jealous too. Just that we don’t want to let you know about our insecurities yet.
  46. Our stalking game can bring the FBI to shame. That’s right! If we like you, we stalk you. We are done with checking out your profile on Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and even Google+ . By the time you take us out, we already know your ex’s best friend’s classmate is a nerd who secretly has a crush on his music teacher.
  47. Just because we’re in a steady relationship, that doesn’t mean our eyes pop out as a part of the deal. We will still check out a handsome face when we see one.
  48. When a girl cooks for you, you know you mean a lot to her.
  49. Girls love when you bite their lower lips during the kiss.
  50. We have far ‘dirtier’ minds than men. It’s just that society and our upbringing does not advocate bringing all that out in the open. We are behaving like ladies just like polite society expects us to behave. So don’t think we don’t ‘get’ your double entendre stuff or your inside lad jokes. We may behave like we don’t but that’s just out of practice. If ever there’s a ‘no holds barred’ competition on this, believe it or not, we’d win hands down


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