Do women find quiet, shy, men attractive?

No, from my experience women do not find shy men attractive. Actually, you may be physically handsome but if you are shy you are pretty screwed up with women.

You won’t have much or any choice with women. Besides, the very few women who decide to ask you out; which commonly happens once in a full-moon or so. Then you are limited to whatever miserable opportunity that lurks your way. Not a nice place to be in.

By the way, being timid is a choice. You weren’t born timid. However, along the way there were some events normally during your childhood that have made you become shy.

This isn’t an incurable disease. I speak about this not out of theory but based on my personal experience

I am a physically attractive man and when I was in my early twenties up to 25 years old I struggled a lot with women. I actually never had a girlfriend up until my late 25 years. In my early twenties, I suffered from severe social anxiety and shyness. I could barely walk down the street straight, I was constantly worried about the opinions that others may or not had about me.

Shy Men Are Screwed

So whatever women say that shy men are cute, they wouldn’t mind dating one, don’t worry about it when the time is right you’ll find your special one. That is all a bundle of horse shit well tied together with a lot of non-sense.

Often women provide such poor advice in regards to dating trying to not hurt a dude’s feeling. However, they don’t know what it feels to be shy. A shy man is basically ghosted by most women. It’s like he didn’t even exist.

You enter in a place and women don’t even notice you . Or having a girl you like calling you shy in front of her friends making you feel ashamed then all laughing together like it was a huge parade.

So when they say stuff like I mentioned above, I just roll my eyes up. I got be brutally honest with you because that’s the only way you will actually fucking change your dating life.

The fact is if you are shy you are so screwed up with women because:

  1. They rarely will ever ask you out. Women tend to expect men to make the first move
  2. Women expect men to lead the way. Shy men don’t even know how to lead their own way and even less with women
  3. Timid is the opposite of confidence. Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a man.
  4. Timid =indecisive. Most women are pretty indecisive themselves. If they date a man more indecisive than them then that’s a lot of confusion happening and headaches.

A confident man will get what he wants out of life that’s one thing women find very attractive on a man.

You don’t need to be timid. You can choose to build your self-esteem levels, how?

  • Stop watching porn and masturbating – This is known to effect the way you perceive women but also depletes your sexual energy. Once you deplete your sexual energy you feel more exhausted and less confident.
  • Start being decisive about life. You want to try martial arts classes? Then go ahead and do it. Stop asking for validation from everyone else. It’s your life so own it. If you fuck up shit along the way then you at least learn about your failures
  • Find your life’s ambition – Go after what you want. If you don’t know then I recommend for you to spend some time sat down with a sheet of paper in front of you asking yourself what do you want out of life. Once you have made up your mind then go after it with a burning desire until you finally got it. A man without a goal is a man drifting away to neverland and that makes one feel doubtful and insecure about himself.
  • Take courses to learn how to improve your social skills. I recommend checking one online from Mark Manson. Only 4 buck and you’ll learn a lot. Also his book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” is awesome!
  • Subscribe to a gym. Start working out. Exercise pumps up your testosterone levels in your body making you feel more energized and confident.


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