8 Things women think men like, but men actually don’t?

There has been a lot of misconception about what ladies think men love about them, here are a few corrections to those misconceptions

1) Size zero bodies and washboard abs: While slim frames are pleasant, men do appreciate curves and some meat on the bones. In fact, you might as well be on the chubbier side of the average than the skinnier side. Fleshy women with some fat in the right places are not just pleasant to look at but also pleasant to touch. Soft squishy bellies are any day more delightful than hard muscular abs. So if you’re small-framed, you have a discernible neck without double chins, you don’t have a noticeable pot belly pushing out of your top, then you’re just fine. No need to slim down to the point of starvation, seeking out thigh gaps, flat fat-free abs, visible shoulder blades and rib cages.

2) Excessive make-up and grooming: Being neat and presentable is desirable. Paying some attention to looking pretty is also welcomed. But being dolled up to perfection all the time is not something men expect or even prefer. It implies trying too hard, superficiality and preoccupation with looks at the cost of other desirable qualities. Moreover, many girls paint their faces with thick layers of makeup which looks artificial at best and comically grotesque at worst.

3) Humongous breasts and butts, cosmetic surgery: Men do appreciate sizeable assets. But more than size, shape and proportion are important. A small girl with comically large breasts is not attractive. A girl with obviously fake breasts is also not attractive.

3) Being extra cutesy and girly: Some girls try to act extra cutesy and babydoll-ish when talking to guys, presuming guys like such girly behavior. Guys do not. It is easy to tell if a girl is just naturally that way or she’s playacting. In most cases, it would be so overdone that beyond seeming just fake, it would be cringe worthy and annoying. We know you’re a girl. Even if you’re tomboyish, we can still perceive your femininity and appreciate it all the more. You really don’t have to convince us that you’re being a girl, by instead acting like a retarded child.

4) Tattoos and piercings: Again, moderation is key. A small tattoo or two is attractive. Pierced ears, or even nose, is attractive. But beyond that, it gets repulsive. A woman’s body is beautiful in its natural state. Getting tacky tattoos all over the torso, or worse on or near private parts, is like spray painting giant graffiti dicks and swears on a beautiful monument. Piercings, especially in the nipples or tongue or genitals, are also unpleasant and feel like mutilation and desecration of something beautiful.

5) Thongs and g-strings: While thongs and g-strings are okay (considering they do expose much of the butt), they’re still terribly overrated. Despite how revealing they may be, they are quite unflattering to the ass. A regular pair of panties or bikini bottoms are way more appealing anyday.

6) Lace lingerie (or even fancy lingerie in general): Again, this falls under the overrated, rather than disliked, category. Of course, there is nothing to dislike about a fine woman in fine underwear. But guys don’t care much about how the underwear looks, as if the guy is at a stage where he sees the girl in lingerie, he’s be less concerned with the lingerie itself and more keen on whats underneath them. The girl might as well be wearing cheap discount underwear for all he cares, as taking it off and tossing it away is the only thing he’d be thinking about anyway.

7) Anal sex: Anal sex is one of those overrated sex acts which are better as fantasies than in real life. In your fantasy, its simply a taboo act involving getting dirty in a tight forbidden hole. And porn makes it look neat and easy. But in reality, the hole is firstly too tight and clenched up to be comfortable for either party. Unlike the vagina, it isn’t designed to expand and accommodate an entering phallus. It requires gentle conditioning to slowly open up, lots of lube, and a great amount of effort and motivation to actually accomplish in a way that doesn’t hurt the woman. On top of all this, you also have to face up to the reality that you are poking a real person’s real butthole which contains real feces, with all the unpleasant odors, fecal contamination and possibilities of messy mishaps which could kill the mood and embarrass the girl. The so-called unique tight sensation isn’t quite all its made out to be, and totally not worth all the trouble.

8) Phone sex, sex chat, sexting: Talking sexy to a hot woman is definitely better than nothing. But ultimately, men need visual stimulus for arousal. Men need to see breasts, or butts or legs. And men aren’t very verbal when aroused, and have difficulty processing words when blood flow is rerouted from the brain to down below. So remotely talking about sex could be arousing to a guy if it’s with a girl he hasn’t had sex with yet, and so leads to excitement and anticipation that this would lead to actual sex soon. But it isn’t very arousing by itself, or with anonymous girls on the other end, or with your girlfriend. It is in fact awkward and quickly becomes a joke. Nobody seems to know how exactly to do it right, and imitating or following the pattern of known examples feels forced and ridiculous.

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