Is Binary Trading and Gambling the Same?

Is Binary Trading and Gambling the Same?

There are few more years, trading on the stock market was the preserve of specialists in the field, justifying different degrees in finance. Towards 2008, the online trading (including binary options) is democratized and many individuals are also getting. Some people then think,wrongly, that this is yet another activity that could be classified in the same category as gambling. This is a very wrong conception of the binary options. So what is the difference between gambling and binary options?


First, gambling … What is it? As the name makes clear,this is mainly an entertainment, a pastime practiced to spend good times. It should certainly not be a means used to make money. The “players”should then only use money that they are willing to lose (and can afford) to the extent that the success is mainly due to chance.

It should also be emphasized that this type of game can become addictive in the extreme: players become true addicts. Faced with this phenomenon, operators are obliged even to put in place measures”anti-addiction”. Their online gaming sites should then include a full section dealing with gaming addiction, providing information and advice to prevent and avoid addiction. Meanwhile, there are several associations that work specifically to help player’s victims of this type of addiction.

And Binary Options?

Between games of chance and binary options, there is a world of difference. First, treat in these entertainment does not require knowledge or special skills. Besides, mainly playing there in order to have fun and enjoy your stay. Many are attracted by the jackpots that dangle some games (such as slot machines, roulette or dice games). However, the winners are rare.

Returning to binary options, there are no jackpot that we dangled. And above all, decisions do not take definitively by chance. To maximize the chances of gains, traders should conduct analyzes and observations. It is essential to adopt a thorough implementation strategy. It will certainly also not to note that there are so-called games of chance which also involve having tactics, as is the case of poker or blackjack. And so it is with binary options: to be successful, you must work hard and do not particularly rely on chance alone and the chance for successful investments.

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