How to make $3000 a month online with internet marketing?

How to make $3000 a month online with internet marketing?

The basic idea is that you get paid for promoting someone else’s product and persuading others to buy it.

So how can you promote these products?

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Well one of the many ways you can do it with a low initial investment is blogging.

The idea is that you use your blog as a medium to post your affiliate links and you get visitors to read your blog.

They will naturally come across these affiliate links and click on them, making you a profit.

How does this work?

  1. You create your own Blog based on your affiliate program. So if you’re promoting flip flops for men, you create a blog talking about flip flops for men.
  2. You write blog posts related to your main topic, which is flip flops for men. You can create posts like “ top 10 cheapest flip flops in 2017 ” or “ Benefits of wearing flip flops for men ”, stuff like that.
  3. The secret here is that these posts will get ranked on Google. They are also targeting different search terms.
  4. So, if someone searches “ top 10 cheapest flip flops in 2017 ” in Google, your post will show up !
  5. Get the idea? The more posts you have the more your site will rank on Google and the more visitors you’ll get.
  6. Again, these visitors from Google will naturally click on your links placed around your blog or in your post.
  7. Profit $$$$


  • Don’t need to stock inventory or own any inventory
  • Really really low startup costs
  • The bread and butter of making money online because other methods will need some form of marketing as well
  • So it is the reason why you should learn how to make money with a blog. Good luck!
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