Top Slim, Sweet Looking Dress for Fat/Chubby Ladies

If you are fat,there are certain things you need to keep on your mind

1.  Go for black because black hides fats and make you appear thinner
2. Never opt for stripes especially if you are fat,it will make you look more fat
3. Never go for balloon type dresses,its a big no.
4. Go for dresses i.e loose it will look good

So basically these are some tips which i personally try

1 Wear shrugs

2 Wear 3/4 Sleeves tops & tees

3 Try to wear not too tight not too loose jeans

And skip pants which bunch at the bottom. Cut off the ankle part or else alter it.

4 Always cuff up long sleeves

5 Instead of wearing loose tops, wear belts it will give a different look also

6 You can tuck your shirt if it is too long

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