Now you can call your Uber driver without A sim Card

Uber has introduced VoIP calling feature on its app which will allow you to call the driver (and vice-versa) over Wi-Fi. So, if you wish to save on international roaming costs or if you don’t have a working phone while you are traveling, you can simply use Wi-Fi to contact your Uber driver. The Uber VoIP call is similar to any VoIP calling apps like WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

While traveling locally, you can also use your mobile internet pack to make calls to your Uber driver. This will also help both the driver and the rider to be within the Uber app for an improved experience.

The company recently announced that you can now pay for your Uber rides with your Google Pay account which was earlier known as Tez. As of now, commuters could pay for their Uber rides using cash, Paytm, JioMoney, Gift Card, credit or debit cards and UPI payments.

In order to improve the overall experience, Uber could reportedly will block riders in Australia and New Zealand from using its service if their rating falls below 4.There is no word as to whether this will be applied in India or not. Uber stated that the idea behind this is to “foster a community of mutual respect. Rider who fall below a minimum average rating lose access to the Uber app, after several notifications have been provided,” according to the company.

Uber had apparently sent out a host of tips to its users about how to improve their ratings on the app. These included from basic stuff like being polite to not being drunk and misbehaving with the driver.

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