How to Make Money through Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money through Affiliate Marketing

Have you come across the term affiliate marketing? Did you know Rs. 6000 can be earned by referring one customer to buy a webhosting plan of Dreamhost?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing technique where a person recommend a product to a potential buyer and earns commission from the seller once the sales is done. Commission can range anywhere in between 1% to 100% with a value of $1 to $1000 depending on the product you choose to recommend.

How to become an affiliate

A person must register (free registration) in the affiliate marketplace to become an affiliate. He becomes eligible to promote products listed in the affiliate marketplace.

Affiliate Marketplace

You can find affiliate products in affiliate marketplace. Amazon is an affiliate marketplace. Amazon pay anywhere between 4% to 10% on average as commission. Some of the popular affiliate marketplaces are

Choosing Affiliate product

Choosing affiliate product is the most important step in affiliate marketing. It is not recommended to promote a product just because it pays you more commission. Reaching potential customer at low cost with a quality product is the ideal way to do affiliate marketing.

Ways to Promote Affiliate product

Affiliate websites provide unique link or unique coupon code for each product to each affiliate. The commission is paid to the affiliate once the sale is done through this unique coupon code or unique product link. The ways to promote the affiliate products are as follows

  • Direct link or coupon sharing
  • PPC Campaign (Pay per click)
  • Social media profile
  • Email marketing
  • Forum discussion
  • Product video review (Youtube)
  • Promoting on your own website

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