How to Earn Money Through Instagram

You have probably heard about people making lots of money on Instagram by posting and sharing their pictures every day. Do you know that even you can do this? Wondering how?

Let me share a few tips that will help you turn your existing Instagram account into a money-making business.

Increase Your Followers

The biggest thing that you need to start making money from Instagram is a larger number of followers. You can easily associate with brands to promote their products if you have at least 100,000 followers. However, even if you have less followers, you can still partner with brands as a micro-influencer if you work on the following tips:

Develop good-quality content that engages people in your niche

Use good-quality images and videos make your content more interesting and engaging. Create content relevant to the brand or products that you want to promote. For example, if you wish to partner with a fashion brand, make content on fashion products and ideas.

Use specific hashtags so that brands can easily find you and connect with you

Pick popular and trending hashtags from tools like Find and Analyse Top Twitter and Instagram Hashtags | Hashtagify and use them in your content posts.

Find brands to work with

There are many businesses who reach out to influencers directly to promote their content. You can even apply to agencies or companies that connect Instagram influencers with brands.

There are many influencer networks and influencer marketing platforms that accept micro-influencers. You can sign up to tools like:

  • Buzzweb: If your follower count is 5,000 plus, Buzzweb is a good tool to monetize your Instagram account. It lets you calculate your potential monthly earnings depending on the size of your audience.
  • This is another platform that has about 1,000 brands registered. You can directly search for brands to collaborate with and join their marketing campaigns.
  • TRIBE: If you have only a few thousand followers, you can use TRIBE to find brands that you like already. You also have the option of creating a post for that brand and submitting it for review. After approval, you will be paid within 48 hours.
  • TapInfluence: Another platform that estimates the monthly earning potential of your account. You can select the topics and subtopics you are great at and decide your fees accordingly. Your specialities are then matched with the brands that have similar needs.
  • Fullbottle: If your content is highly engaging, Fullbottle will be the best platform for you. Here, you get paid on the basis of the engagement that your content brings rather than payment per post.

The above influencer platforms are a great way to monetize your account, provided you are able to grow your fan following to get noticed and recognized by these platforms.

3. What are some tips to making effective Facebook Ads?

With 1.45 billion active users per day, Facebook is an excellent platform for advertising for both B2B and B2C businesses.

It takes the right targeting focus, quality images and videos, and compelling content copy to create a successful Facebook ad. A lot also depends on the outcome that you want to achieve with your ad.

Here are some quick tips that will help you make effective Faceb

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