15 Ways to become a Billionaire

15 Ways to become a Billionaire

Many people will say that you need to do this and that but I personally believe it starts with training your mind. There are people who win the lottery and lose all the money (go into bankruptcy) not long after because they did not have the right mind-set to begin with.

Some advice based on my own personal findings from studying self-made billionaires.

  1. Have a good reason for wanting to become a billionaire. Figure out a way to add value that is worth billions of dollars. This requires you to become more and know more. You need to think very big and be able to take big calculated risks.
  2. Most billionaires read a lot of books. Not just any book though as junky books will just junk your mind. There are books that can teach you anything you can think of. Books on sales, biographies, entrepreneurship, leadership, time management, marketing, so on so forth. Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is definitely a good one to read.
  3. Study billionaires – kind of obvious. Read their biographies. Learn more about them. You will start to see patterns. You will find that most billionaires are just ordinary people who took massive action. You will start to see the hard work they put into things that others don’t see.
  4. Find some self-made millionaires and you will learn a thing or two. But if you ever get the chance to meet a billionaire be sure to listen to what they have to say. Listen twice as much as you speak (2 ears and 1 mouth). You can watch interviews of billionaires on YouTube (valuable information for free).
  5. You will meet a lot of fake people along the way and more people who try to redirect you away from your goals. Just remember that you can learn from bad advice as well. Hopefully you can discern what good advice is and what is bad advice. You will be tested by people who don’t believe you can do it. Be ok with it. Don’t burn bridges. Be gracious and humble about it.
  6. Practice delayed gratification. This means living modestly even when you are just a millionaire. Invest in assets and things that will help you become a billionaire (you can just ask yourself this question).
  7. Focus on the positive as much as possible. Successful people rarely blame others and take personal responsibility as much as possible. They do this because they don’t want to become victims to their circumstances. It’s not about what happens that matters but how you react that matters.
  8. Whatever you do, do the best work possible even when you know nobody else is looking – because you know.
  9. Be a person of integrity. Mean what you say and do what you say you will do. People won’t have to second guess your motives or trustworthiness. Be punctual and don’t break promises.
  10. Nobody is perfect. We all come from different places. Keep in mind that it isn’t about where you are now but where you are going. Just because a billionaire has a bad habit doesn’t mean you should copy it. Don’t let their billions stop you from being more successful than they are. You have more resources to go beyond.
  11. Turn what others use as excuses for why you MUST do something as opposed to why you CANNOT.
  12. Practice time management. Delegate unimportant or (not as important) tasks to others and focus most of your time on the important things. 80/20 Rule or Pareto Principle.
  13. Believe you can do it. The late Napoleon Hill said: “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past.”
  14. Seek mentors and coaches as they are the key to getting to the next level. (Books, audios, tapes can be coaches too!) You cannot do it on your own. Always seek help and more knowledge. Even the best athletes for example have coaches. Never underestimate the value of coaching!
  15. Recognize that sometimes bad events can eventually be the best thing to happen to you (or a turning point). This goes back to being positive.

Some people have it in them, some don’t. Surround yourself with people who are like you and block out negativity coming from people who are just content with safety and security.

Finally – you’ve got to take action. Write your goals down with pen and paper and read it every day. If what you are doing right now isn’t moving you closer towards the things make adjustments until you are always doing something every day to move closer to your goals.

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