8 Weird and Easy steps to become a Celebrity

8 Weird and Easy Steps to become a Celebrity

Working hard alone cannot make you a celebrity, because if it was by hard work, Labourers would have topped the List of Celebrities. Being exceptionally good at something alone won’t help you either.

So, The Ultimate Question: what is it that makes a person a celebrity?

Traditionally, the society has seen three types of celebrity.

  • Those who are exceptionally good at something & more importantly creating a value out of that thing. People like Eminem, Bill gates, Steve jobs, Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson etc.
  • A person favoured by luck includes kids of celebrities (Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith), business tycoons, politicians etc. or may be some contest winners (beauty pageant).
  • The leaders. This is one domain where a common man like you and me with no gifted talents or Special background can make a mark. If you are a good leader you can be the best of celebrity like Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler, Barack Obama, Donald Trump to name a few. And if you already aren’t a good leader this is something you can learn. Currently, politicians & social activists consist major part of this group.

So, assuming that you are an average individual with an average network below are the steps for being a celebrity.

  1. Increase your network. Make as many friends as possible, use social media, throw parties, join a club etc.
  2. On a normal day, ask them to gather at one point (try to reach 1000+ numbers) and March through the streets of your city with an agenda (legalise marijuana for example). Grab some media attention by using some harsh words against anything or anyone (it does not matter).
  3. Once you have a little attention from local people go for a second rally this time a little bigger (3000+ people).
  4. Include some goons in that rally and ask them to destroy some public property and create nuisance.
  5. As the police interfere, take responsibility for their actions and surrender and get bailed.
  6. By this time you must have made news for some TV channel. Go to talk shows and praise weed and its effects comparing it to alcohol.
  7. By that time you are popular enough to reach out for other celebrities who smoke weed say snoop dog or even someone less popular.
  8. And, if you are able to convince him to march with you in a rally, you are a celebrity my friend.
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