America’s first Robotic Farm Replaces Human’s Effort

America’s first Robotic Farm Replaces Human’s Effort

America’s first automatic robotic farm launched last week, in the hopes that artificial intelligence (AI) can complement and help an industry facing a serious labor shortage and pressure to produce more crops.

The Robotic Farm has an Ability to grow 30 times more crops than the Normal Human Ability based on the strength of AI software, year-round, soilless hydroponic processes, and moving plants as they grow to efficiently use space, the San Carlos, California-based company Iron Ox aims to address some of the agricultural industry’s biggest challenges.

The autonomous machines do the heavy lifting, farming and sensing. “Angus”, which the Iron Ox co-founder Brandon Alexander described as “incredibly intelligent” and like a self-driving car, is a 1,000lb machine that moves around the farm, sensing and lifting, and transporting grown plants to the processing area.

As the Founder, Alexander stressed, the team spent a lot of time doing research by talking to both farmers and chefs to figure out what they needed and the methods they use in planting. It later turned out, that they were mostly complaining about their inability to find labor. And that’s no surprise. The labor shortage in the agricultural industry is starting to become a major issue for farmers, especially in states like California. As for the chefs, what they were mostly looking for was quality, of course, but also predictability and consistent quality.

The plan now is to start selling the produce from the first farm and then scale to more and larger locations over time. Iron Ox now has the money to do so, given that it has raised more than $5 million in total, including a $3 million round it announced earlier this year.

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