Proven Ways and Tips on How To Survive Drowning

Imagine Yourself Tied up, thrown into open waters, and left to drown to death, A well-trained personel still has recourse to a few skills that can help extend his life until he is found or reaches solid ground.

When it comes to self-preservation in water, the key to survival is breath control. With the lungs full of air, the human body is buoyant — so deep breaths and quick exhales are key.

Buoyancy in freshwater is more challenging but still achievable. Panicking, which can lead to hyperventilation, is the number-one enemy to survival.

Restraints and body positioning may make breathing a challenge, but repositioning is always within the Nomad’s grasp. In shallow waters, use a sinking and bouncing approach (see diagram below) to travel toward shore, ricocheting off the seabed or lake floor up to the surface for an inhale.

When facing down, whether floating in place or using a backward kicking motion to swim to shore, the operative should arch his back in order to raise his head above water.

Method(How to):

1. You accidentally/wantedly fall into a pool or pond and you don’t know swimming.
2. Relax!
3.. Get to a sleeping position by raising your legs and body to near horizontal position slowly.
4. At the same time, look up at the sky/ceiling and keep your head up.
5. Keep your arms and body loose.
6. Your legs might slowly drop(tend to bend vertical). At that time, remember to keep your legs in sleeping position(almost horizontal)
7. Deep breaths.
8. For the first time in your life, you’ll feel like flying.

It’s an amazing feeling when you float.

Next time, you visit a pool, do try to float.

P.S: This method does not apply to the sea/ocean or anywhere else where the water is either moving or has waves. Do not try this at home or sea or ocean or moving water or waterfall.

In rough seas, this may not give him enough clearance to get his head out of water. Instead, a full body rotation will allow him to take a deep breath and then continue traveling forward.

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