Augmented Reality Photos: Just like the portraits at Hogwarts!

When Lifeprint first launched its augmented reality printer back in 2016, it seems like almost the entire internet made the same connection: that looks a whole lot like the moving pictures in the Harry Potter books and movies.

As it happens, Lifeprint and Warner Bros. both agreed, which explains the company’s latest product: The Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer, which bundles the company’s very Harry Potter-like AR pictures into a properly Harry Potter-branded package.

Like the original Lifeprint, the Harry Potter version will let users film videos using the app, and send a frame from that video to the printer for a fun, instant print. But the magic happens in the “Hyperphoto” AR mode, which scans the scene that the photo is in and overlays the video back on top — just like Potter’s famous portraits (albeit, portraits with Snapchat-style filters). Those filters, stickers, and AR lenses are also Potter-themed, of course, letting users don digital Hogwarts scarfs or Death Eater masks if they’d like. Users will also be able to record videos in the AR mode, letting you share your magical pictures to other users in the Lifeprint app as well as to Instagram.

Lifeprint is also pushing a social networking aspect within the app. Users will be able to share photos within the apps, and even send prints directly to friends (who will have to approve pictures before they print out, for obvious reasons). The idea is that once your friend sends you the picture, you’ll be able to animate your real-life print with the app and get the full message. Here, too, there’s a Potter twist: users will be able to choose their Hogwarts house, and be able to filter the publicly shared photos by house, too.

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