100 percent proof that Aliens Exists.

Proof that alien exist can be seen.. A spaceship circling close to the sun.. no Human technology could survive that
Alien sighting: UFO spotted near the sun is ‘100 PERCENT PROOF’ ET exists

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft captured an image of what seems to be an unidentified object making sharp twists and turns in space yesterday.

The object seems to leave behind a trail which shows that it is twisting and turning as it soars through the cosmos.

Most objects such as meteorites and asteroids travel in a straight line through space, unless the gravitational pull of a planet or star for example alters its course.

However, the images from SOHO show the strange object manoeuvring in a way which suggests that it is being controlled as it darts around the cosmos.

The image from SOHO was uploaded to popular alien hunting website UFO Sightings Daily.

Alongside pictures, the site’s author, Scott C Waring, writes: “When an object travels in space in a straight line, it creates confusion about what it is – a meteor, comet or UFO?

“But when an object is captured by an impartial SOHO camera and is seen to weave back and forth making two 45 degree turns in just mere seconds, then we now that only an intelligently controlled craft could be capable of such manoeuvres.

“This is 100 percent evidence that this is an alien craft.”